Tinytag View 2

Tinytag View 2

With an integral digital display the Tinytag View 2 datalogger has a Splashproof (IP65) case for monitoring Temperature, relative humidity, current and voltage.

The large LCD display shows the current reading while still functioning as a datalogger, making it ideal for applications where real time readings are of a benefit.

As well as having the Display this range have high resolution and reading accuracy, greater than 30,000 readings capacity, fast offload and a low battery monitor

Models are available to measure temperature with a built in sensor or with a range of probes. Temperature and relative humidity monitors are available with built in sensors or with an external 1m probe and are available in either the tradition blue case or an optional grey case for more discreet applications such as Museums and Galleries. Also available are models to monitor mA Current and DC Volts.



  • LCD display of current readings
  • 30,000 readings capacity
  • High accuracy and reading resolution
  • Fast data offload
  • Splashproof case
  • Low battery monitor and battery low indicator
  • Programmable alarms
  • Optional audible alarm box
  • USB and serial download cables

Download Data Sheets or contact us for more information.

TV-4050 - Temperature with Interal Sensor -30° to +50°C

TV-4076 - Temperature with Fixed Stab Probe -30° to +50°C

TV-4020 - Temperature for External Probe -40° to +125°C

TV-4104 - Wide Range Temperature for 3 wire PT100 Probe -50° to +300°C

TV-4204 - Wide Range Temperature for 3 wire PT1000 Probe -200° to +100°C

TV-4500 - Dual Channel with Internal Temperature and Relative Humidity -25° to +85°C & 0 to 100%

TV-4505 - Dual Channel with External Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe -25° to +85°C & 0 to 100%

TV-4510 - Dual Channel with Internal/External Temperature for Probe -30 to +50°C & -40° to +125°C

TV-4704 - Voltage 0 to 25 Volts DC

TV-4804 - Current 0 to 25mA

TV-4810 - Current Logger 0 to 200A AC