Data loggers are useful for a great many industrial, commercial or scientific applications where using a data acquisition system (DAQ) or other means of recording is not possible or practical. Compared to more common everyday recording devices, such as a mercury-based thermometer, dedicated data loggers can accept more input channels and are usually more accurate and have the benefit of being able to log changes over time.

Simply put, a portable data logger thermometer from Tinytag is a great solution in many different use cases. Read on to learn more about these high-quality devices available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand through Hastings Data Loggers.

How to Get the Most out of Your Data Logging

Anyone involved in O&M, quality control, research, or any allied fields knows that finding and fixing a problem before something breaks is the most optimal approach. Insidious problems, such as energy waste, are often hidden and require careful observation to reveal, which is why having a good data logging system you can trust in place is so crucial.

A well-designed data logger should allow for convenience and ease of use, in addition to always being reliable and highly accurate. Reliability and accuracy is especially required in time-sensitive situations, or if your work exposes you to the elements or other hazards. Yet no matter where you’re working, you would probably like to have the peace of mind knowing that your logger can be configured easily. With the help of Tinytag’s data logging services and software, you’ll be able to start taking readings within moments from virtually anywhere.

The amazing benefits of using these portable devices quickly becomes apparent on many job sites. Because data loggers like these can be left to operate without human intervention, they are useful in many situations where a human presence may be hazardous or could potentially contaminate the surrounding environment. Their portability also means they can go along wherever you go, without having to haul around a lot of bulky extra equipment. For these reasons and more, you should consider trusting your data logging needs to a highly reliable instrument from Tinytag.

Getting Started with a New Data Logging System from Hastings Data Loggers

Tinytag’s data loggers are industry-renowned for their reliability, accuracy and ease of use. While there are several devices geared toward monitoring temperature in particular, other loggers are designed to gather data related to humidity, energy, power usage, C02, AV voltage, air pressure, and much more. Because it can get a little bit confusing, the experienced team at Hastings Data Loggers is ready to work with you to find the ideal data logger thermometer or other device that will truly help you to get the most out of your readings.

For the past 25 years, our nationwide business based out of Port Macquarie, NSW has offered some of the best portable data logging solutions across Australia and NZ. If you need a quote or have any enquiries regarding the products we carry, Hastings Data Loggers would like to hear from you. Simply contact us, and we’ll be in touch shortly to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.