Temperature is of paramount importance when it comes to incubating and storing biological materials and live cultures for agriculture and medicine. Storage and incubation often happen over time, and unrecorded temperature fluctuations could cause a batch to fail. When you use a Tinytag room temperature data logger, you can take the guesswork out of the equation. Tinytag will automatically do your temperature monitoring for you, and with multi-channel temperature logger programmability and feedback options, you will always have vital data at your fingertips.

Tinytag has a Wireless Temperature Logger for Every Type of Facility

Wireless temperature loggers are ideal for facilities such as warehouses and for cold storage freezers where readings need to be taken at several monitoring points, but conditions or the size of the area make manual downloading impractical. Tinytag Plus Radio Data Loggers offer rugged wireless temperature monitoring for outdoor, industrial and warehousing applications. Data gathered by each unit is sent wirelessly via a receiver to a computer that has Tinytag Explorer Connect software installed, making the information available to multiple users with access to a LAN network.

For smaller storage units such as incubators, fridges and walk-in cold rooms where medicines and vaccines are kept, a Tinytag Talk 2 data logger is the ideal solution. It offers accurate temperature monitoring and can be set up to show an alarm when the specifications for the equipment are breached.

You Can Use Tinytag for Temperature Measurements On-the-Go

Need to take readings on the go? The Tinytag TH 2500 handheld thermohygrometer lets you take readings on the spot but can also be left in place as a data logger to monitor temperature and humidity over time. Tinytag TH 2500 is a USB temperature data logger; to download recorded data, simply connect your device via a USB cable to a computer with Tinytag Explorer software installed.

Does your company ship temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and biological materials? Tiny Tag Transit 2 is designed with shipment monitoring in mind. This lightweight, robust wireless temperature logger can easily be slipped into packaging to monitor your shipment. It has a memory for up to 8 000 readings and can be programmed with a logging rate in intervals from 1 second to 10 days. The battery can last up to two years.

Order your Tinytag from Hastings

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