Enjoy the Benefits of a 4 Channel Multi-Temperature Data Logger

A data logger can significantly upgrade your temperature recording experience. Tinytag multi-channel data loggers are incredibly accurate and reliable, developed using the experience the company has gained since it first opened in the UK in 1992. Despite their history of efficacy and success, these data loggers are still an affordable option. The primary distributor in Australia and New Zealand is Hastings Data Loggers. We are happy to help you choose the perfect multi-channel temperature data logger for your needs.

There are different kinds of data loggers depending on your purpose and industry For temperature monitoring, we are proud to offer you a 4-channel data logger that will perfectly meet your requirements. We have data loggers for indoor and outdoor use, which are compact, cost-effective, and easy to use. Having four channels means the data logger can record information from channels with different frequencies. Dual channel loggers record two variables simultaneously, such as temperature and humidity, to conveniently and completely fulfil your data logging expectations.

Getting Started

Once you have decided you’re ready for a new data logger, think carefully about what you will use it for. From there, consider whether it will be in moderate conditions indoors or exposed to the environment or everything the outside of an industrial site can throw at it. Third, consider how often you need to be able to obtain new data and how you will access it. We have the ideal data logger for you, and we are well-placed to give you the best possible advice for making the right selection for you.

Have more expansive data logging needs? You can maintain multiple Tinytag data loggers, and because they all run from the same software Tinytag Explorer, you only need to purchase and learn to operate one program. Simply visit the website to obtain free software updates.

Once you have chosen your model and it has arrived, install the Tinytag Explorer software and plug your new data logger into your computer via USB. You will activate the device and can choose to name it if this is helpful (for example, Orchard Block 3, Dishwasher 1, or Storage Room 6). It is =at this stage that you can set all your preferences for your 4-channel data logger (frequency or measurement intervals, alarms if you want notifications when a certain perimeter setting is ‘hit’, and more). Your data logger is now ready to use!

Maintaining Your Data Logger with Calibration

Your Tinytag data logger is calibrated to meet the stated specifications for 12 months. After this period, you may choose to return it to us at Hastings Data Loggers periodically to have it re-calibrated for a standard charge. You may elect to get a calibration certificate-note these have no set validity period and are intended to confirm the data logger was tested against a reference meter.

Get Your 4-Channel Temperature Data Logger from Hastings Data Loggers Today.

At Hastings Data Loggers, we pride ourselves on keeping a large selection of data loggers on hand at our Port Macquarie base. When you decide to place your order, we will dispatch it within a day. We have been operating in Australia for 25 years and are proud of our excellent support team, available to help you when you need them. Make your selection today.