Data Logger Probes

Tinytag data loggers offer versatile support for a wide array of probes, including Thermistor, PT100, PT1000, and temperature/humidity probes. With these diverse options, you can achieve precise and accurate monitoring for both temperature and humidity measurements. Trust in the flexibility and reliability of Tinytag data loggers for your monitoring needs.

Thermistor Probes

A wide range of thermistor probes to meet varied monitoring demands.

PT100 Probes

PT100 probes for monitoring very high temperatures.

PT1000 Probes

PT1000 probes for monitoring very low temperatures.

Talk Probes

Thermistor probe for use with Tinytag Talk 2 TK-4023 data loggers.

Temp/RH Probes

Temperature and relative humidity probe for use with Radio/LAN data loggers.