Tinytag Talk 2 Data Loggers

Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers are compact devices that provide accurate temperature monitoring typically in vaccine or medical fridges, and cool storage areas to help the maintenance of the cold chain. These small measuring devices are also ideal for building condition monitoring, dry food storage and a variety of academic research applications. The range also includes voltage and current loggers that can be connected to a range of industry standard sensors for logging a variety of process parameters, including flow and pressure.



Software pack: software & USB cable for Transit, Talk and CO2 loggers


-40 to +85°C
Cost-effective indoor temperature data logger with built-in sensor


-40 to +125°C Includes probe
Cost-effective temperature data logger with probe


0 to 25V DC
Cost-effective voltage data logger with input lead


0 to 2.5V DC
Cost-effective voltage data logger with input lead


0 to 20mA DC
Cost-effective current data logger with input lead

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