Data Loggers

Data Loggers: Tinytag is a UK-manufactured device that precisely monitors temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 levels, and other environmental factors. Whether you require indoor monitoring or rugged solutions for industrial and outdoor settings, Tinytags have covered you.

With their straightforward technology and sturdy construction, Tinytags offers a user-friendly and reliable solution. Their simplicity ensures ease of use, while their robust design guarantees durability. Each unit is tailored with specific features, allowing you to find the perfect data logger that meets your unique requirements.

Tinytag Ultra 2

Data loggers for measuring indoor temperature and humidity.

Tinytag Plus 2

Rugged/waterproof data loggers for outdoor or industrial applications.

Tinytag View 2

Temperature and relative humidity data loggers with a digital display.

Tinytag Transit 2

Lightweight data logger for temperature monitoring of goods in transit.

Tinytag Energy

An easy to use, non-invasive, cost-effective energy data logger.

Tinytag Aquatic 2

Temperature data logger that can be submerged at depth for long periods.

Tinytag Splash 2

Waterproof, fast response data logger ideal for high temperature monitoring.

Tinytag Ultra Radio

Discreet indoor data loggers with wireless connectivity.

Tinytag Plus Radio

Rugged and weatherproof data loggers with wireless connectivity.

Tinytag Plus LAN

Data loggers with Ethernet connectivity.

Tinytag Talk 2

Economical data loggers to monitor temperature, voltage and current.

Tinytag CO2

Carbon dioxide data loggers for indoor air quality monitoring.

Tinytag Instrumentation

Voltage, current and count data loggers which connect to third-party sensors.


Wind speed, rain fall and leaf wetness data loggers.