Data Logger Applications

Tinytag data loggers are successfully utilized in various applications such as cold chain management, environmental monitoring, HVAC systems, and more. These versatile devices, including temperature data loggers, energy loggers, CO2 monitoring devices, and wireless data loggers, play a vital role in ensuring the quality and safety of perishable goods, conducting climate studies, optimizing energy usage, and monitoring various parameters in diverse settings. With their accuracy, reliability, and flexibility, Tinytag data loggers empower industries and researchers to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and maintain optimal conditions in a wide range of fields.

Facilities Management


Tinytags provide environmental monitoring locally or throughout an entire building.

Tinytags are ideal for indoor monitoring. The discreet, flexible units may be used for short periods to trouble-shoot conditions in a particular area, or for longer periods in multiple locations to build up profiles. Data from loggers monitoring different parameters can be combined for an integrated picture of building performance.



Tinytags are suitable for environmental monitoring in the harshest conditions.

Tinytags are used for many environmental research applications, ranging from individual loggers recording locally to multiple devices used for large-scale monitoring. Their robust, waterproof design, plus their reliability and high memory capacity means they can be deployed for long-term data collection in harsh conditions in remote areas.



Essential temperature monitoring at every stage of the food industry.

Tinytags are used extensively in the food industry where it is critical that temperatures are accurately maintained at specified levels and recorded for ongoing verification. Loggers are used to ensure compliance with industry-wide environmental, health and safety regulations including HACCP measures. They are used throughout the food cycle and the cold chain.

Labs and Healthcare


Essential environmental monitoring for medical products and facilities.

Tinytag data loggers are used throughout the healthcare sector for temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals and medical products in storage or transit, as well as laundry and sterilisation processes. They are also used for monitoring environmental conditions in the workplace and public areas such as hospitals and surgeries.



Monitoring environmental conditions for goods in storage and transit

Tinytags are used during warehousing, storage and transportation of a range of goods to help ensure that environmental conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. Data logging helps achieve quality management standards and compliance with specified regulations and procedures.

Agriculture and Livestock


Tinytags record accurately in diverse agricultural environments.

Tinytag data loggers are ideal for monitoring many agricultural and livestock processes. Solutions include robust loggers for exposed or remote areas, including underwater devices for fish farming; devices capable of withstanding hot and humid conditions, and units used to monitor conditions for livestock rearing and transportation.



Tinytags are suitable for manufacturing, process and industrial applications.

Rugged, waterproof and dustproof Tinytags are available for industrial applications. Probes offer easy access to awkward areas a logger cannot reach such as pipework, or can be used for monitoring extremes of temperature in production processes.

Museums and Conservation


Tinytags help maintain ideal conditions within museums, art galleries, archives and other conservation areas.

Tinytags are used in museums, art galleries, archives and other conservation areas to monitor the environmental conditions of historic, sensitive and valuable items. An important part of maintaining a stable environment for such unique exhibits and archive material is accurate temperature and humidity monitoring of the conditions that can affect them.

Universities Research


Tinytags are used for environmental monitoring in a wide variety of research projects by Universities and other bodies.

Tinytags are used for research projects ranging from indoor environmental monitoring to studies in the harshest of outdoor conditions. Their robust, waterproof design, plus their reliability and high memory capacity means they can be deployed for data collection over long periods.