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A data logger is a small device equipped with one or more sensors. With it, you can collect specific data from the environment, in-house and outdoors. By analysing the data, you can make important decisions. Is the air in a room too dry or too humid? Is it too cold or hot? You’ll find data loggers in many locations, though you won’t necessarily notice them unless you know what you’re looking for. Due to their size, they do their work discreetly but diligently. You could say they’re a bit like helpful shoemaking elves in a fairy tale, but those only worked at night. A data logger device can be at work both day and night, with a time interval, for a very long period.

You can retrieve the data from a data logger, store them, analyse them and use them in a report. Doing the same work manually would be very time-consuming. Browse our products to find small and lightweight Tinytag data loggers in different materials and designs. They monitor temperature, humidity, energy, power usage and factor, CO2, current AC and DC, voltage, count pulses and/or many more environmental parameters.

How does a data logger help you to make important decisions?

Imagine you’re sending goods to a company outside Australia, and you want to monitor if the temperature of your product remains within specific standards. You can even additionally measure the relative humidity within that particular space. If the product you’re transporting is susceptible to temperature and air humidity changes, then it’s vital to keep these under strict control.

For more than 25 years, Hastings Data Loggers have been the exclusive online distributor in Australia and New Zealand for affordable Tinytag data loggers, probes and related accessories and applications. Whether you need to buy a data logger for a hotel, a hospital or a honey marmalade factory, our extensive range of Tinytag loggers is guaranteed to offer you the solution you need.

Sales and support service the old-fashioned way

Excellent service is a trait that seems to be on the decline in many companies nowadays. They seem to expect that customers don’t need any help just because they order products online. At Hastings Data Loggers, we care about our customers. While the Tinytag small data logger is an excellent apparatus that can remain operative for many years, chances exist that wear occurs or break and require repair.

Should you be so unlucky that your trusted data blogger gives up or that you have questions about our products and apps, call us at +61 (02) 6581 3900 or contact us online. We’re also glad to help you calibrate your device to function optimally. We’re particularly proud of the quality of the accompanying software. This is so successful it hasn’t required an update in years, and we assure you that it is no fairy tale!