A Tinytag Wireless Data Logger with Probe can Measure High and Low Temperatures in the Food Industry.

From production to preparation, storage, and transportation, every process in the food industry depends on one vital aspect – temperature control. Because of the possible negative impact of improperly handled food on human health, there are guidelines, regulations and laws that apply to companies in the food industry.

Whether food needs to be kept cold or heated, it is easy to monitor the temperature with Tinytag Data Loggers. Wireless data logging enables you to comply with food safety regulations and can be an essential contributor to your productivity and profit in a food production or food handling facility.

Wireless Data Logging Helps to Maintain the Quality of Food Products

The temperature at which food is prepared and stored can influence its quality, freshness and flavour. Tinytag View 2 data loggers are the ideal solution for fridges, walk-in cold storage, and ovens. The digital display lets you see the temperature at a glance, while recorded data can be downloaded to your computer via a USB cable or inductive pad. If you are looking for a temperature data logger with a probe, The Tinytag View 2 has a built-in sensor, and some models can be fitted with a PT100 high or PT1000 low-temperature probe.

A High-Temperature Data Logger Can Help to Maintain Food Safety and Prevent Contamination

An essential aspect of food handling is hygiene. For facilities such as hospitals, catering establishments and industrial premises where utensils and equipment are cleaned in industrial dishwashers, the Tinytag Splash 2 is the ideal waterproof high-temperature data logger. With a short built-in probe, the Tinytag Splash 2 offers fast response times and can measure temperatures up to 105°C.

Food Distribution in a Wide Geographical Area

While in transit, fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and even dry goods must be kept cool. Suppose you regularly ship your products over a wide geographical area and want a temperature data logger for wireless data collection to monitor whether the correct temperatures are maintained in transit. In that case, the Tinytag Transit 2 is the perfect solution. It is small and lightweight and can easily be slipped into product packaging to record temperatures while your shipment is underway.

Don’t Suffer the Consequences of Inadequate Temperature Control in Your Business

Your business could be harmed when food spoils or is contaminated due to the wrong temperature, whether it be inadequate refrigeration or insufficient heating. Food that spoils is a profit loss to your company, which is terrible enough but should consumers eat it and get sick, your brand image can be damaged, and you could potentially face litigation. When you use a temperature data logger, wireless data collection lets you stay in control of temperatures.

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