Get the Right Industrial Digital and Portable Power Data Logger

Do you need to monitor changes in environmental factors at home or on the job? Are you looking to move beyond outdated chart recorders to track these critical pieces of localised data reliably? We have your data logging needs covered. With improved design and optimal functionality, a reliable and convenient power data logger will make you want to upgrade.

Why Use an Industrial Data Logger?

Our data loggers are helpful and reliable tools for multiple industrial, office, and home applications. They make it easy to constantly monitor many environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, power usage, and CO2. Our industrial loggers were designed with heavy-duty usage in mind, and they will hold up in harsh, cold, and wet weather. We also have appropriately designed options for home and office use, so your new data logger will not look out of place indoors.

What Different Kinds of Loggers Are Available?

The Tinytag Ultra 2 is a bit of a stay-at-home favourite. This incredible portable data logger looks excellent in your house or office. Its unassuming appearance makes it easy to place and access in any setting, and it will not be an eyesore or a visual distraction in any room. This helpful product is exceptional for temperature and humidity monitoring devices. Its unique engineering makes it the ideal tool for determining indoor heating, ventilation, and airflow information.

The Tinytag Plus 2 is more of a rugged, outdoorsy option. This device is excellent to take on the road, monitoring humidity, temperature, and climate changes in harsh environments. It is also well-suited for use as an industrial data logger-it’s a proven option in many applications within different industrial settings. Its hearty casing keeps water out, and its internal mechanisms are safe from intense environmental elements. It can even be used to monitor wildlife settings.

The Tinytag View 2 wears its heart on its sleeve. Our digital data logger is a beneficial tool for logging data over time, with the added benefit of having a digital display. This is one of our most convenient loggers. With its easy-to-read digital screen, you can see the data instantly and maintain a long-term record to reference later. The Tinytag View 2 is a helpful tool for monitoring temperature, relative humidity, voltage, and current. Its easy-to-view display and features make this product the ideal tool for any food-related establishment.

These products are just a few of our many data-recording tools. If your needs differ from those we outline above, several other options are available for your application.

If you need to reliably and efficiently monitor environmental factors and log data, look no further than Hastings Data Loggers. Our expertly-designed tools are created with your needs at the forefront, and we have many options to suit your requirements. Please get in touch with us to receive a quote or for more information about our data loggers, applications, accessories, and software.