Portable Outdoor Temperature Monitoring Data Logger Maximises Wine Crop

The wine industry is half business, half science. You must produce a stellar crop and employ the best processing practices to succeed in the business. Each year competition in the industry gets tighter as wine lovers travel near and far to taste the best wines. There’s little room for error.

The complexities of wine varietals are attributed to fluctuations in temperature, humidity, light saturation and other environmental variables in the microclimate in which they are produced. Proper manipulation of these factors increases the volume and quality of the crop. A portable temperature data logger can assist you throughout the growing and production process. Know exactly where to plant, when to water, when to harvest, and ensure optimal transport conditions with environment data loggers. Get the right one for your vineyard from Hastings Data Loggers.

Optimise your Vineyard’s Output with Portable Temperature Data Logger

Temperature and humidity data loggers monitor your vineyard’s environmental conditions and compile the information in an easy-to-use report. They provide reliable and actionable feedback at pre-established intervals so you can respond to, adjust and manipulate situations as necessary.

A digital data logger for temperature monitoring circumvents common human errors such as time inconsistencies. As a result, you can respond to hazardous conditions before they are problematic, thus optimising your growing season and maximising your wine crop.

Portability is excellent; durability is invaluable. Our outdoor temperature data logger is intended for industrial use. Batteries are long-lasting, with many units able to work whilst plugged into a power source. Tinytag Data Loggers can take a beating. You can run over the Tinytag Plus 2 series with your truck without damaging the tracking system.

You may decide on multiple data loggers to optimise your operation. The temperature during produce transport and at the wine-making facility is just as crucial. Tinytag Explorer lets you view information from multiple trackers in one report.

Tinytag Data Loggers operate using a private but universal software, the Tinytag Explorer. Purchase the software separately and enjoy unlimited lifetime upgrades. The software compiles data and presents it in graph, table or summary form. Configure logger name, intervals, report display and other monitoring criteria during initial setup and modify at will.

Hastings Data Loggers has Tinytag Data Loggers from the UK.

Come and visit us at Hastings Data Loggers. We’re the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Tinytag Data Loggers, a UK brand. Based in Australia, we keep an extensive stock to accommodate same-day dispatch. Data loggers are now used in an assortment of applications across many industries.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve developed a highly knowledgeable team that is friendly, professional and ready to answer all of your questions about environment data tracking systems. We’ll help you troubleshoot problems to get your system back on track. When it’s time to start a fresh crop, our team can help set up a new monitoring project file. Calibration services for new and old units ensure continued accuracy; a calibration certificate is available. Ask us how to select the correct outdoor temperature logger for your setting.