A Relative Humidity Data Logger That Keeps Your Food Up to Standard – View the Pro Selection at Hastings Data Loggers

You may need a humidity data logger if you own a restaurant, food truck, or kiosk. If you’re in charge of a facility or establishment that serves and sells food to the public, such as a school, hospital, or manufacturer, a data logger is a must for you, too. Chances are these establishments have one in place, but they don’t fully serve their purpose if you rely on outdated technology or are unaware of where they’re located, what they do, and how to operate them.

To keep up with food safety standards and regulations, get a relative humidity data logger that’s easy to use, read, and understand. Browse the extensive collection at Hastings Data Loggers.

In business for 25 years, we’re an exclusive distributor of Tinytag data loggers, probes, and accessories for Australia and New Zealand. Made in the UK, Tinytag data loggers efficiently monitor temperature levels, humidity, power usage, CO2, and other environmental factors in a building, room, or space. These data loggers come in various sizes, from handheld and radio to compact wall units for indoor and outdoor uses. These data loggers are compatible with Explorer software, which provides access and analysis in one highly-related platform.

Our Humidity Loggers Are Exactly What You Need to Keep Your Food Safe

Health and safety are everything when it comes to food. As a business, one mishap that leaves a few people sick can ruin your brand or establishment. Don’t neglect the importance of ensuring your food is appropriately cooled or cooked at the proper temperatures for safety.

With reliable relative humidity data, our loggers accurately monitor every stage of the food production chain. If you’re looking for specific numerical recordings, our loggers do that, ensuring you get honest reads every time. This factor is essential to show that you always follow environmental, health, and safety regulations, including HACCP.

Our data loggers are used in warehouses, cold stores, refrigerated delivery vehicles, refrigerators, freezers, chilled display cabinets, storage facilities, restaurants, retail shops, and vending. Wherever food is housed and sold, you will find our data loggers.

Other Benefits of Our Data Loggers and One Top Recommendation

Apart from ensuring food is properly chilled and heated, another concern for food establishments is achieving sterilisation. Protecting the surfaces it touches and how it is presented to the public is just as important as keeping your food at the right temperature. Our data loggers ensure items such as serve ware and cookware are washed at the right temperatures. These small wonders are designed to work well with industrial dishwashers.

One data logger we recommend is the TV-4505. It includes a probe and measures temperatures between -25 and +85 degrees Celsius/0 to 100% relative humidity. It features high reading accuracy and resolution, large memory, reliable speed and a convenient low battery indicator. The relative humidity probe has excellent moisture and condensation resistance, providing reliable measurements.

Take a look at your current logger and consider making the switch. Be sure you have exactly the efficient loggers you need before serving food to the public. Our staff is ready to answer any questions and match you with the right product for your business, and you’ll love that we dispatch same-day items in stock. Contact us today.