Optimal Environmental Conditions with The Tinytag Temp and Energy Data Logger

“Measure what can be measured and make measurable what cannot be measured”. This quote is often attributed to Galileo Galilei. Whether or not the Italian scientist and astronomer said these words, they hold truth, especially in the 21st century. Constantly challenging ourselves to go beyond our boundaries has become second nature to us, and one of the ways of achieving this is by continually measuring as accurately as possible.

A dependable Hastings environmental data logger for every possible application

Data loggers monitor temperature and humidity and other parameters such as energy, power usage, CO2, current and voltage. The benefits are manifold.

Fifty years ago, certain plants could only grow in their natural surroundings. Thanks to close monitoring of environmental conditions, we can grow almost anything we like. Exotic fruits from tropical lands are no longer something particular that you’ll only see as the centrepiece on a Christmas dinner table. We still can’t control the weather, but we can prepare ourselves much better when adverse conditions are imminent.

Keeping a building healthy or a laboratory hygienic can be a simple matter of placing a reliable temperature and humidity monitor and adjusting the conditions to optimise both living and working. With an energy data logger, the savings on heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a house or building can be tremendous.

Placing a Tinytag Temp data logger can aid in storing and transporting goods or in preserving items sensitive to environmental changes. Too cold or too hot can be detrimental for food waiting to be sold, but did you know that CO2 is essential also? By administering the right amount of this colourless gas, fruit and vegetables are always at the peak of ripeness when they go on the shelves.

Purchase at Hastings Data Loggers once, and you’ll never change brand again.

At Hastings Data Loggers, we are proud of 25 years of experience. In principle, anyone can build an environmental data logger, but it takes know-how to craft one that is reliable and accurate under all circumstances. The Tinytag loggers offer this; some models are waterproof and sturdy for outdoor use. They have no problem standing every day in wind and weather. Best of all, they’re not expensive. Many are equipped with a digital display or an antenna for wireless connectivity.

Tinytag data loggers are excellent devices that perform their tasks diligently. Our list of satisfied customers is extensive. Enter a building, visit a factory, stroll through a farmer’s field, look around in a library, have dinner in a restaurant; there’s hardly a place in Australia or New Zealand where you won’t find a Tinytag from Hastings Data Loggers.

We want to count you among our satisfied customers too. Depending on where you live, a product you order today may arrive at your address tomorrow. We offer a calibration service so that your measurements are indeed accurate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff are happy to supply the necessary information.