Regulate Indoor Temperature and Keep Your Property Safe with a Quality Temp Humidity Data Logger

You probably have many devices that track and measure temperature, humidity, and even CO2 levels. Though they hopefully serve their purpose, some can be difficult to read and understand or inconvenient to check daily. They may also be in various places on a property, with different measurements separated by rooms or distances. Walking from here to there to check your temperature or humidity logger can add needless time to your routine.

We suggest upgrading these devices by investing in one compact, easy-to-read temp and humidity data logger from Hastings Data Loggers.

We’ve supplied top-of-the-line Tinytag data loggers, probes, and accessories for 25 years and serve Australia and New Zealand. Our Tinytags are made in the UK and are known for being surprisingly compact, well-designed units for indoor and outdoor environments.

Data loggers efficiently monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 levels, energy, voltage, count pulses, and more. Each one works with Explorer software as part of a convenient and complete platform that gets rave reviews from users. Simplify your devices and have a one-stop station to monitor indoor environmental conditions. Keep your property comfortable and safe with our data loggers.

How a Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Benefits Homes and Other Establishments

There are many things to be concerned about when it comes to the environmental conditions of your property. The biggest one may be CO2 accumulation. This unrecognisable gas can be costly in life and health if gone unnoticed for a long time. CO2 is odourless, colourless and tasteless; there’s no way to tell when it’s emitted into your environment without the help of a reliable and quality device designed to do so.

Our logger ensures you establish and maintain the proper environmental conditions and optimum air quality. Along with measuring temp and humidity data, our logger assesses the performance levels of heating and ventilation systems and the materials that support and surround them, including insulation.

Beyond the home, these loggers are ideal for every indoor environment. Many offices and public buildings concerned about safety and temperature regulation, such as schools, clinics, and shops, are now using this device.

For indoor environments, we recommend the TGU-4017. This logger has excellent reading accuracy and resolution, large memory, high speed, and a low battery monitor. This device is self-contained and ideal for environments with little to no moisture.

Service That Proves Our Commitment to Putting You First

With our vast selection, you’ll find a data logger that fits the conditions of your property. Once you’re ready to upgrade your logger, let us know. You’ll be amazed at how supportive and friendly we are. Whatever questions you have, especially regarding which logger to choose, we’re here to help. We’ll set you up with the correct logger and dispatch the same day for in-stock items. After purchase, you’ll have access to ongoing calibration and repair services.

Contact us today to make your property more comfortable with Hastings Data Loggers’ help.