Tinytag: Enhancing Temperature Monitoring for Incubation and Storage of Biological Materials

Accurate temperature monitoring is of utmost importance when it comes to incubating and storing biological materials and live cultures in agriculture and medicine. The storage and incubation processes often span over time, and unrecorded temperature fluctuations can lead to batch failures. However, with the help of Tinytag room temperature data loggers, you can eliminate guesswork and ensure precise temperature control. Tinytag loggers offer multi-channel temperature monitoring with programmability and feedback options, enabling you to access vital data at your fingertips.

Wireless Temperature Loggers for Diverse Facilities:

In facilities like warehouses and cold storage freezers, where temperature readings must be taken at multiple monitoring points, manual downloading may be impractical due to space constraints or challenging conditions. This is where Tinytag Plus Radio Data Loggers shine. These rugged wireless temperature loggers are specifically designed for outdoor, industrial, and warehousing applications. Each unit wirelessly transmits data to a computer equipped with Tinytag Explorer Connect software via a receiver, enabling multiple users on a LAN network to access the valuable temperature information conveniently.

Ideal Solution for Smaller Storage Units:

For smaller storage units such as incubators, fridges, and walk-in cold rooms that house medicines and vaccines, the Tinytag Talk 2 data logger is the perfect solution. It ensures accurate temperature monitoring and can be set up to trigger an alarm when equipment specifications are breached, providing an immediate notification of potential issues that require attention. With the Tinytag Talk 2, you can maintain strict temperature control in critical storage environments.

Temperature Measurements On-the-Go with Tinytag:

When you need to take temperature readings on the go, the Tinytag TH 2500 handheld thermohygrometer comes to your aid. This versatile device allows you to capture temperature and humidity readings instantly, providing on-the-spot measurements. Additionally, it can be left in place as a data logger to continuously monitor temperature and humidity over time. With its USB connectivity, you can easily download recorded data to a computer running Tinytag Explorer software, enabling thorough analysis and insights.

Monitoring Shipment of Temperature-Sensitive Products:

For companies involved in shipping temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and biological materials, the Tinytag Transit 2 data logger is an invaluable tool. Designed specifically for shipment monitoring, this lightweight and robust wireless temperature logger can be effortlessly placed inside the packaging to monitor temperature conditions throughout transit. With a memory capacity of up to 8,000 readings and programmable logging rates ranging from 1 second to 10 days, the Tinytag Transit 2 ensures comprehensive data collection. Its long-lasting battery life of up to two years guarantees uninterrupted monitoring throughout the shipping process.

Ordering and Support from Hastings Data Loggers:

As the leading distributor of Tinytag products in Australia and New Zealand, Hastings Data Loggers offers a comprehensive range of Tinytag data loggers, probes, cables, and accessories. With exceptional sales service, orders are typically shipped on the same day, ensuring prompt delivery. Hastings Data Loggers also provides reliable software support, device calibration, and repair services. By partnering with Hastings Data Loggers, you can confidently monitor temperatures in your incubators and refrigeration facilities, ensuring the integrity of your valuable biological materials.

Tinytag data loggers offer a comprehensive range of solutions for temperature monitoring in various facilities, including warehouses, cold storage freezers, incubators, and fridges. With wireless or USB connectivity options, Tinytag loggers provide reliable and accurate data collection, ensuring precise temperature control and eliminating the risks associated with unrecorded fluctuations. Whether you need on-the-go measurements, shipment monitoring, or comprehensive room temperature monitoring, Tinytag delivers the flexibility and reliability you require. Place your order with Hastings Data Loggers, the trusted distributor offering superior products and exceptional service, and maintain optimal temperature conditions for your incubation and storage needs. Contact Hastings Data Loggers at +61 (02) 6581 3900 or visit our website today!