Get a Complete Waterproof Temperature Monitoring System with a Data Logger and Temperature Recorders by Tinytag

Australia and New Zealand are both countries surrounded by oceans. This simple fact comes with its share of disadvantages, but both countries make recreational and economic gains as a result, too. If you operate your company in a water-based industry, you have much to gain (or lose) if the water temperature is not suited to your purposes. A few degrees either way can make a big difference.

Hastings Data Loggers is the exclusive distributor of low-cost Tinytag data loggers for Australia and New Zealand. You can buy a temperature data logger which lets you carefully monitor the water conditions, which could very well be a pivotal component to the success of your business.

Marine Condition Monitoring

If you grow seafood for a living, you are interested in the water temperature. Your prawn farm on the Queensland coast needs water temperatures of 25-30oC. Mussels farms in Picton, New Zealand, need water temperatures of 19-20oC, and Bluff oysters will spawn in water temperatures over 22oC. And, of course, we want to know how the Moreton Bay bugs are doing!

You need to be able to monitor the water temperature conveniently to maintain your business. The Tinytag Aquatic 2 Data Logger is perfect for the purposes outlined above and so much more. This small wonder can monitor temperatures from -40 to +70°C and can be submerged to depths of up to 500 metres. You can select the desired logging interval and set two programmable alarms for convenience and efficiency.

Monitoring Cleaning Conditions

In contrast to the maritime uses above, we offer the benefits of the Tinytag Splash 2 Data Logger. This recorder has been developed for use in high-temperature situations where a quick response is vital, such as ensuring the effectiveness of industrial dishwashers. The fast response time is thanks to an external probe, and you can set monitoring times from one-second intervals to every ten days.

Why You Need a Tinytag Temperature Monitoring System

Tinytag data loggers are made in the UK to monitor temperature and other environmental factors accurately and reliably in both a domestic and an industrial or commercial setting. To get you the perfect data logger for your industry and requirements, Hastings Data Loggers offers sales support and technical staff to help you with any question.

All Tinytag temperature recorders and data loggers operate using the Tinytag Explorer. You can access free software upgrades via the website. Once you choose the ideal model, we can ship it quickly, as we keep many monitors on hand.

Hastings Data Loggers maintains an office in Port Macquarie. We have been in business for 25 years-this means we have plenty of experience to ensure you receive the best data logger for your purposes. For help getting the ball rolling, contact us through our website or phone (02) 6581 3900 today.