Tinytag temperature data logger for a vaccine fridge


Tinytag data loggers help ensure compliance with WHO recommendations that vaccines are regularly monitored and kept within a temperature range of +2°c to +8°c during storage and transport and until the point of administration.

Software Pack & USB Cable

The software is sold on a site licence, allowing unlimited users on one site.

This pack contains Tinytag Explorer software licence, a USB cable, and a Quick Start Guide.

Tinytag Explorer software is required to configure the logger, download and present the stored data.

This 1m USB download cable is used with Tinytag Ultra 2, Plus 2, View 2 data loggers.

Data Loggers

Our most popular data loggers for use in a vaccine fridge.

The TGU-4017 monitor’s temperatures range from -40 to +85°C using a built-in sensor. Like the rest of the Ultra 2 range, this accurate and reliable unit has a lightweight, splash-proof design and is primarily suited to indoor monitoring.

The TV-4050 monitor’s temperatures from -30 to +50°C using a built-in sensor. Like the rest of the View 2 range, this accurate and reliable unit has a display and is ideal for monitoring applications where a visual readout is required.

Service/Repair & Calibration Certificates

Once your data logger is due for service & calibration, Which is usually 12 months from when it was purchased, It’s now time to send your data logger back for the annual Service & Calibration Certificate.

Please contact us to arrange for this to be done.

Software Calibration Reminders

Tinytag Data Loggers are set with a calibration test date (as of January 2023) when they undergo the annual Service & Calibration Certificates, Allowing the end user to enable calibration reminders for next time.

Setup Guide

  1. Open Tinytag Explorer software
  2. Click Options > Calibration Options
  3. Tick the top/first check box and then apply your preferred values