Using Tiny Tags: Capturing Critical Data With a TinyTag Ultra or Energy and Their Explorer Software Suite

No matter what industry you work in, data is essential. Without it, making critical decisions can become far more complex, and detecting anomalies ahead of the development of a problem is nearly impossible. In everything from building management to factory operations to food service, certain data types – temperature, humidity, energy consumption and more – are essential to capture. However, that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Do you lack a reliable solution for gathering the information you need, or are your current implementations not providing as accurate a snapshot as you’d like? Consider turning to the trusted power and reliability of Tiny Tags.

These small, rugged devices are a one-two-punch combination of convenience, with built-in sensors and onboard data logging capabilities to ensure that a vital measurement is never missed. With a Tinytag energy logger, for example, you could easily monitor a core system’s power consumption over the short or long term. Armed with this info, you could do many things, from saving on your power bill to identifying anomalous energy consumption that could indicate a developing fault. At Hastings Data Loggers, we’re proud to provide the ideal location for shopping for and acquiring the probes your operation requires. How can we help you?

What Tiny Tags can help you achieve

With two and a half decades of experience in the industry, we’re well-versed in these products and their applications. A discussion with our staff can be an excellent starting point as you consider products like the Tinytag Ultra for measuring humidity or the Tinytag Energy for identifying ways to reduce consumption and improve the “greenness” of your operations. Do you need sensors for long-term analysis, or are you looking for something you can deploy as needed? Answering questions like this will help the Hastings team identify solutions that work best for you.

A system of these sensors is easy to expand and adapt as time passes, too, thanks to one unifying factor: Tinytag Explorer. This software allows for managing and controlling these devices. Plug one into your computer, fire the software, and install a new appliance. When you’re ready, plug it back in and collect the data to begin your analysis – or enjoy the networked capability of Wi-Fi-enabled models. With such versatility built in from the foundation, improving your processes or avoiding faults becomes much more straightforward.

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At Hastings Data Loggers, we don’t just pledge to help you choose the Tinytag products best suited for your needs – we promise to get them to you fast, too. With same-day dispatch on most orders, we minimise turnaround times so you don’t have to wait while missing out on critical data collection needs. Entirely based in Australia, our local team is ready to support your business with the right products. Contact us today for further information or to share your questions.