Where to Find Quality Wireless USB, Electrical and Pressure Data Logger Tech

For home, office, and industrial environmental monitoring, choosing the best data logger for the job is crucial. Investing in high-quality, easy-to-use, and reliable monitors will take the stress out of data logging. Whether you need an electrical data logger for facilities management or a pressure data logger for research, you can find the perfect data logging products for every application. Let’s explore some of your options.

Picking the Best Wireless Data Logger for the Job

Picking one of our environmental monitoring products can help you create an efficient data logging stream in many settings. Depending on your industry, there are a few reasons why you might be ready to choose a wireless data logger.

Our Tinytag Ultra 2, for example, is perfect for use in museums, monitoring temperature and ensuring the indoor environment does not change so much as to alter an area’s precious contents. You can put the same product to use for transportation, conservation, and storage -for example, for museum objects. Data is stored inside the product and is self-contained and powered by a battery. As with our other items, pesky wires are not a part of the equation.

Instead, you need a tool that will log the ever-changing conditions in an agricultural operation. The Tinytag Plus 2 is the option for you. This incredibly heavy-duty logger is fit for the job with the waterproof casing so robust it can survive being run over by a truck. This small wonder has the money to keep working in any environment. It is ideal for monitoring soil temperatures, moisture, and climatic changes so you know when and where to plant. It is also an excellent tool for livestock incubation, rearing, and transportation operations, capable of performing indoors and out.

Why Choose a Tinytag Logger?

Our loggers work accurately, reliably, and efficiently. They can monitor temperature, humidity, energy, power usage, power factor, CO2 current AC, current DC, voltage, count pulses, and other environmental parameters.

These products work with Tinytag Explorer software. This software allows easy access to data and charts and lets you set intervals and settings for your loggers from one screen. Our USB data logger affords you quick and easy access to your logged data and settings in a user-friendly, uncomplicated way. You can use this software for all our products; free upgrades are always available on our website.

Hastings Data Loggers has been in service for 25 years, exclusively distributing Tinytag Data Loggers to Australia and New Zealand and offering them at a competitive price. We have an excellent customer service team and provide the option of repair and calibration services.

Whatever your needs are for environmental monitoring and data collection, we have the tool for you. Please select from various products to find the best fit, or call us at +61 (02) 6581 3900 to speak to someone on our support team. To see additional information or inquire about a data logger, click here.