In the world of medicine, precision and confidence are the difference between life and death. Healthcare is a fast-paced industry where teams of seasoned professionals must collaborate to implement the optimal treatment to produce the most positive outcomes. Each patient has their own team, each provider works on multiple teams. It’s easy for housekeeping to fall through the cracks – to someone’s peril.

In any given healthcare facility, there are multiple temperature-sensitive areas. Temperature-controlled rooms are needed for medicines, laboratory samples and blood used for transfusion. Failure to keep these rooms at the proper temperature can render its entire contents potentially dangerous and therefore unusable. Temperature and humidity sensor data loggers help healthcare providers maintain the correct environment in these areas.

Secure Your Work with a Trusted Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temperature and humidity loggers take the pressure off healthcare teams by automating environmental tracking. Once it’s set up, you’re alerted to conditions that exceed the established parameters. As it tracks and collects conditions over defined intervals, information can be compared over time and across multiple areas of a facility. Use these reports to make efficiency changes. For example, if the facility consistently exceeds ideal temperatures at a particular time, setting the AC to turn on just prior may bypass that time-specific danger zone.

In a laboratory setting, sample processing and innovative research take place in highly controlled environments. In addition to a specific temperature, humidity levels also need to stay within a specified range. Too much humidity can ruin samples and jeopardise test results.

When changes in temperatures and humidity are not extreme, it can be virtually impossible for workers to sense unacceptable conditions. An efficient and reliable temperature and humidity monitor will give precise environmental assessments. The Tinytag brand is one of the most trusted environment tracking systems worldwide. Small and stylish, the Tinytag View 2 line are temperature and humidity loggers with digital displays. Glance over for real-time laboratory conditions and make effective adjustments before the lab is compromised.

Each temp and humidity data logger operates with the Tinytag Explorer software. Although sold separately, system updates are always free and available on the website. The Tinytag Explorer allows you to choose data displays in graph, summary and table form. During the initial setup you’ll name your logger(s) and establish recording intervals. This allows you to track multiple areas and times within the same project file. Modify how your data is collected and tracked anytime.

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Hastings Data Loggers is the exclusive distributor of Tinytag Data Loggers in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Australia, we’ve spent 25 years supporting an assortment of industries where success depends on climate control.

We keep a large inventory of each temperature and humidity data logger to ensure fast dispatch across our service area. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer all questions and aid in selecting the appropriate data logging unit for your intended application. You’ll want your unit calibrated to your specific use. Talk to a staff member about our calibration services and purchasing the calibration certificate.