Create Robust Logging Systems with the Tiny Tag Plus Radio or the Tinytag Plus Re-Ed

Understanding what goes on in your building, whether it’s an office complex or a factory warehouse, requires developing a “big picture” view of the situation you want to examine. For example, tracking temperature and humidity in a storage area can be critical to ensuring the health of your products, but the size of the space may mean that conditions can vary from one space to another. To get the big picture you want, you’ll need to zoom in and focus on the smaller details — such as how to get the data that you need in an easy, accessible format. At Hastings Data Logger, we proudly offer several products in the Tiny Tag Plus range, including both Radio and Re-Ed models. With a system built off these sensors, you can maintain a constant watch over many important statistics.

Consider the warehouse example above. With the Tinytag Plus Radio, you can create a local area network (LAN) built off your sensor probes. Each can communicate with one another and ultimately talk to a base station, which can facilitate automatic logging of the data to your computer systems. More than that, if conditions stray outside the parameters you’ve set, they can trigger automatic alerts via email or another method to ensure you can take corrective action as soon as possible. Powered by the Tinytag Explorer software, it’s easy to set up and use over the long term.

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Choosing a product off the shelf isn’t always straightforward, even if the product itself is surprisingly simple to use and re-use. With so many different options available, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right sensors for the system you want to create? The Hastings team is here to help you answer that question. With 25 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of Tinytags, we’re always happy to listen to your requirements and point you in the right direction. For example, the Re-Ed model is extraordinarily versatile regarding its ability to capture data from a system’s current voltage to a simple count sensor that lets you track inventory as it comes into a location. Ask us about how we can guide you towards the best choice.

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We provide an extensive range of data loggers for your consideration, including the Tinytag Plus Re-Ed, Radio, and many other models. Do you already have the Explorer software installed for a previous sensor? All you’ll need to do is plug in your new device and carry out setup as normal. What if you don’t have your hands on a copy of the program you need yet? No worries, because we can supply the software as well as provide you with initial guidance on setup and use. Place your order early today and enjoy same-day dispatch to minimise the time until you can start capturing fresh data. To get in touch with our customer service team, contact us now for friendly help.