Data loggers (also sometimes referred to as either ‘dataloggers’ or ‘data recorders’) are electronic devices that can record specified data over a certain period. Voltage and thermocouple logging devices are in wide use across a variety of sectors and are particularly useful in areas that involve either environmental consulting or energy auditing.

While in the past many of these sorts of gadgets were both bulky and expensive, there are now many data loggers available that can fit in the palm and go wherever your job takes you at a far more affordable price. Here’s more about how you may be able to benefit from a USB voltage data logger from Hastings Data Loggers.

The Benefits of Having a Mini USB Data Logger on the Go

Data loggers that use a USB connection offer many potential benefits. Devices made with a USB interface are often more affordable than those that rely on ethernet or other means of connection, and they are easy to install on most computers or laptops. When you purchase an AC voltage data logger that has a USB connection, you will be able to upload your data easily and conveniently within moments of connecting it to a compatible port.

Smaller USB data loggers, such as those produced by Tinytag, are ideal for both remote or potentially hazardous work sites. The reduced size does not mean reduced functionality, however. Many portable data loggers have the same capabilities as their larger counterparts, including the ability to log information over a long period or over a duration that you specify. After your USB thermocouple data logger is set up, it will begin performing its data acquisition immediately, whether you are present. When finished, retrieving your device and getting it hooked up to a laptop or PC is simple, making your job that much easier.

Finding the Right Mini Data Logger for Your Job

If you’re unsure which mini data logger would best suit your needs, the friendly staff at Hastings Data Loggers is ready to provide suggestions based on our over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each model, go over various features for each, and advise you in selecting the right device that will best get you the information you need accurately and reliably. After your purchase, our quality support team is available to provide you with continued assistance whenever you may need it.

In addition to providing you with top-of-the-line Tinytag data loggers, we also provide all the necessary data logging software you need online for your convenience. You can additionally download documentation or datasheets, or to get further support for any questions or issues that arise. Ever lose your activation code for your USB voltage data logger? Just fill out the online form, and you’ll receive a new one, simple as that.

For any other questions regarding our products or service, feel free to contact Hastings Data Loggers and allow our team to match you with the right mini AC voltage data logger you need to perform your job anywhere you go.