Getting unexpected readings on a humidity logger

If your humidity logger is showing unusual or unexpected readings, it is likely that the sensor has come into contact with a liquid. Allowing the sensor to fully dry should allow the logger to read normally.

If a humidity sensor comes into contact with liquid, the sensor may take inaccurate or unexpected readings.

When the sensor becomes saturated, it is possible for the readings to show 100%RH, 0%RH or just above 0%RH. The image below shows a typical reading if this happens


If the sensor gets wet, allow it to dry out. Once it is dry and provided no residue is left on it, the unit should read correctly once more.

Current Tinytag Plus 2 and View 2 relative humidity data loggers now use a coated RH sensor, which offers increased protection against moisture.

When these sensors come into contact with moisture, their readings are more stable and recover faster after they have dried out.