Tinytag Plus Re-Ed Data Loggers

The Plus Re-Ed range records voltage, current and count inputs and can be connected to a variety of sensors to make specialist data loggers for a wide range of applications. Loggers in the range are used in this way to monitor for example, pressure, windspeed and flow rate, as well as footfall in public buildings such as museums, exhibitions and galleries. Loggers are either supplied uncased (OEM) for building into custom applications, or as a standard data logger in a robust, waterproof case.


0 to 2.5/10/25V DC
Voltage data logger with input lead


0 to 20mA DC
Current data logger with input lead


0 to 200mV DC
Millivolt input data logger with input lead


0 to 255n
Count input data logger with input lead


0 to 2.5/10/25V DC
Uncased OEM voltage data logger


0 to 20mA DC
Uncased OEM current data logger


0 to 200mV DC
Uncased OEM millivolt data logger


0 to 255n
Uncased OEM count input data logger

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