The display on my logger is blank

The display on a Tinyview or Tinytag View 2 data logger will only show readings while the unit is recording. If your device has a blank screen, it may have stopped recording or the battery might need replacing.

If the display on a Tinyview or Tinytag View 2 data logger is blank, it means that the logger is not recording.

This will be because the unit hasn’t been started or because it has stopped recording (due to the settings it has been programmed with or because it has a flat battery).

Data loggers have to be started using the Tinytag Explorer software.

If you suspect your data logger has a flat battery, you can check the battery status using the Current Reading feature in Tinytag Explorer. If the battery is good or getting low, Tinytag Explorer will confirm this; if the battery is flat, the logger will not connect to the computer.

If you require a replacement battery, you can purchase a service kit for your logger here: Battery service kits.