Energy Logger has not recorded power data

The Tinytag Energy logger will only record power data if it is connected to the mains and it is set to monitor the correct wiring configuration. If your Energy Logger has not recorded power data, follow the advice in this article to solve the problem.

The Tinytag Energy logger can only record power data when it is connected to the mains. When using battery power, the Energy logger will record current only. If your logger was not connected to the mains, then it will not have recorded any power data.

Another cause of missing power data is that the logger was set to monitor one of the current-only wiring configurations. The logger must be set for the correct wiring configuration before recording is started for it to record the correct data.

The Tinytag Energy logger supports the monitoring of four different wiring configurations:

  • single-phase current
  • single-phase current with a voltage reference
  • three-phase current
  • three-phase current with a voltage reference

To record power information, the logger must be set to monitor one of the configurations with a voltage reference. You can change the wiring configuration that the Tinytag Energy Logger is set to monitor by pressing the logger’s Fn button and cycling through the configurations.

The wiring configurations that support the recording of a voltage reference show a small plug icon in the bottom left of the data logger’s display.

If you have recorded current data only and wish to calculate power data, you can export data from Tinytag Explorer to a third-party spreadsheet application and perform the calculation there using an assumed voltage.

For full instructions on how to configure an Energy Logger, please see the Tinytag Energy Logger Manual (page 14 onwards).