Using third-party input leads with Tinytag data loggers

Tinytag voltage, current and count data loggers can be used with third-party input cables. This article contains information on how to use third-party input leads with Tinytag data loggers.

Tinytag voltage, current and count input data loggers are supplied with input cables to connect them to third-party sensors.

To connect a third-party sensor to a Tinytag data logger, you will need to make sure your sensor has the correct connection. Connection information for Tinytag data loggers can be found on individual product data sheets.

If you require a longer-length input cable to connect your logger to your sensor, we can supply these upon request. Please contact us for further information.

If your sensor already has an input cable, a plug can be supplied to connect it to your data logger. Details of the plugs we supply can be found here: Spare Connectors.

Connection information for plugs can be found on their product data sheets.