Benefits of using data loggers

Data loggers are a reliable, low-cost and time-efficient monitoring solution for any measuring opportunity. Some of the key advantages of data logging include high accuracy, ease of use and greater versatility in every application.

There are many benefits to using data logging systems, including:

Higher efficiency and accuracy

Data logging can be performed manually by constant human observation, but this method is time-consuming and can be subject to human error.

Using a data logger allows measurements to be taken automatically and precisely at set intervals without the need for manpower, saving you time and money.

Versatile data acquisition

The variety of data loggers available enables users to create a data logging system that matches the needs of their application.

Whether you’re monitoring indoorsoutdoors or underwater, features such as weather-proof casinginternal storage, and alarm indications make data loggers suitable for a variety of applications, including monitoring in remote areas and extreme weather conditions. Connectivity options (including USBradio and Ethernet) allow users to further tailor their data logging system to the needs of their application or monitoring site.

Alarm indications

Data loggers in the Tinytag range have LED alarms that can be set up to alert the user when readings fall out of a specified range. This is especially useful when conditions need to be tightly controlled and remain in a certain state.

Radio and LAN (Ethernet) loggers are also able to send email notifications when an alarm is triggered, enabling an immediate response to any problems which might occur.

Some Tinytag data loggers also support alarm boxes, which can be beneficial in critical applications where problems need to be identified quickly.

Easy data analysis

Offloading data from a data logger is as simple as connecting the logger to your computer. Radio and LAN loggers automatically send data to your PC for viewing.

Data is initially displayed as a graph, but can also be viewed in tables of readings.

Useful features like data overlays allow you to view data from more than one logging run together. Data can be easily exported to third-party software for more detailed analysis.

Reliable technology

Gathering data reliably is the priority when it comes to data logging.

A Tinytag data logger’s long battery life means that data can be recorded for extended periods of time without any need for human interaction. Non-volatile memory means your data will remain stored on a data logger even if the battery runs flat.

Radio and LAN (Ethernet) data loggers also protect your data by recording and storing data locally in the event that communications with the computer running the system are disrupted.

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