Replacement probes for temp and relative humidity data loggers

This article contains information on replacing probes for Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers.

Tinytag Radio and LAN data loggers

Tinytag Radio and LAN (Ethernet) data loggers are supplied with probes that can be replaced by the end user.

Spare or replacement probes for Tinytag Radio and LAN temperature and humidity data loggers can be purchased here: Temperature and RH probes for Radio and LAN products.

Tinytag Plus 2 and Tinytag View 2 data loggers

TGP-4505 , TV-4505 and TV-4506 data loggers are supplied with probes that are individually calibrated to the logger they are paired with.

If a replacement probe is required for these data loggers, the logger(s) must be returned to the manufacturer for calibration with the replacement probe. Please be advised that there is a standard charge for this service.

To return a data logger for a new probe, please contact us